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untitled film still # 30 [1978] (top) / untitled film still #80 [1980] (bottom)

The Untitled Film Stills were a group of 69 pictures taken between 1977 and 1980. In the series, Sherman portrays stereotyped female roles in B-movies of the 1950's. What makes the series so unique is the fact that Sherman herself is the subject in all the images, disguised behind make-up, wigs, and costumes. Some of the characters Sherman portrays appear in many photos, such as the pictures above. These create smaller series in the larger series. The aspect that makes these images seem like film stills is the fact that the images are very dramatic, in the sense that you feel like action is happening in the images. Shown in the image above, many of the scenes in the series hint that another character is in the scene, although that character is not viewable. Sherman finished the series in 1980 after she noticed she was repeating some of the sterotypes.